A French P.I for all your European needs

I can help you out all over France (Europe too)

How good is my English?

Well...Let me tell you after three years in the US, and many trips abroad, I surely can handle a conversation.
In other words, we can communicate without the need for any third party!
And that's good news.

Hi Colleague, what can I do for you?

Usually the job you won't do because, as a professional of investigation, you might find it easier and much cheaper to have me on site, for your mission or part of it. Another possibility is that you come to France so I could be your right arm in your mission...
We talk, I give you a quote, we agree, and start our collaboration in a trustful atmosphere.
Just remember, I work "on the good side of the force", so please, no illegal stuff!
I am looking forward to working with you!

+(33) 615 736 506
 detectivetoulouse "at" gmail.com

Dear customer... I know what I can do for you.

First, I'll be listening very carefully your concern, so I can have a good picture of the situation. Then, I might ask you questions, such as your final goal, and some more (no kidding).
Then you can explain what you would like me to accomplish in terms of researches, surveillance, and we will agree together.
I will surely give you a strategy, a plan, and some advices, and of course, an approximative estimation of the costs and the duration of the mission.
If you live far from my areas, and you case is in France or even anywhere-else, just don't hesitate to contact me, or my agency.
I am quite flexible regarding prices and hours of work (especially for individuals)
Besides, and truly, you may find my fares very reasonable.

By the way...

All our staff has received the special agreement from that French CNAPS
(Comité national des Activités privées de sécurité). Meaning, we are fully licensed by the State Authorities.
Our reports can be presented to any jurisdiction.

Les Détectives POTOK ont leur bureau à Toulouse

Contact de la direction:       06 15 73 65 06       24/24      detectivetoulouse@gmail.com

In God we trust, in Trump I believe.


09.02 | 17:32

Ah! Bien vu les polos Lacoste. C'est vrai qu'en turquie on peut les avoir pour 5 euros seulement !